Mike Jung

Product Manager
Liquid Web, Inc.

I like to keep an eye on the Internet, measure it, and make it go faster. I won’t accept ‘ok’ Performance, and I don’t think you can ever have ‘too much’ Performance. Did I mention I like High Performance things? I also do Product Manager things like competitive analysis, helping to coordinate product launches, reviewing and improving existing products, and helping with the creation of new, innovative products. Last but certainly not least, there’s our value added resellers, they are awesome, and I get excited about helping other businesses grow and succeed. I work with 3rd party development companies to develop a plugin for WHMCS that is totally awesome and you should google that immediately. In case you didn’t listen to me, the plugin allows anyone to resell Liquid Web cloud products without overhead, basically a cloud in a box! APIs are awesome, everyone should use them. My other passions revolve around Tuning and Benchmarking things like Disk I/O / CPU Performance, Applications, the LAMP Stack, Linux in general, Website Performance, also r/pcmasterrace games, I only play games at 60 FPS or higher, and I don’t run or tolerate slow websites, ain’t nobody got no time for that. If you like what I’m saying, add me as a connection and let me know, that would be cool. Oh yea, I’m also addicted to Hearthstone, if you are too, add me! parabol#1760